Based on our research we develop customized marketing tools to help our clients identifying and realizing potential opportunities. Our approach does not stop with creating the concept, but also includes the successful implementation in the market. Our european wide portfolio includes sales management, feasibility studies, geomarketing and price analysis for all stages of the vertical distribution. A special emphasis is put on the ability to identify market changes quickly and to interpret and respond individually.

Choose from our marketing services:

Kundenzufriedenheitsanalyse, Kundenzufriedenheitsanalyse, Kundenzufriedenheitsanalyse Customer Satisfaction Survey

The main question of a customer satisfaction survey focuses on how to reliably measure customer satisfaction. We differentiate the objective and subjective methods of
customer satisfaction surveys. These areas cover for example mystery shopping for quality control purposes, as well as assessments of market shares and observing the
reseller rate.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Kundenanalyse, Kundenanalyse, Kundenanalyse Customer Analysis

The starting point of our customer analysis is the evaluation of existing and potential customers. In order to obtain homogeneous groups of customers, a customer segmentation will be performed, which turns out the different degrees of profitability, price sensitivity and long-term relationships. The objective of customer analysis is to identify these "valuable" customers.

Customer Analysis

Unternehmensberatung Mittelstand ++ Unternehmensberatung Kfz Betrieb ++ Unternehmensberatung Handel ++ Unternehmensberatung Automobilindustrie Geomarketing

Using geographic information systems and geomarketing we help your business to assess and edit your market. With a regional and local perspective on market potentials, in conjunction with internal customer data, we evaluate your own strengths and weaknesses, identify opportunities and develop the best strategies for optimal marketing.


Standortanalyse, Standortanalyse, Standortanalyse Site Analysis

The site analysis includes different types of analysis. Depending on which aspect of location is important, different priorities are set. The market-related aspects serve industry-, competition- and property analysis, but also traffic analysis, which are dealing with
accessibility concerns. Impact analysis however are dealing with urban issues, for example in relation to the compatibility of new centers and retail projects.

 Site Analysis

Einzugsgebietsanalyse, Einzugsgebietsanalyse, Einzugsgebietsanalyse Catchment Area Analysis

A catchment area analysis calculates distance zones to various locations, based on associated customers. As calculation criteria we use the number of customers or a
associated weight field (e.g. the turnover of your company, the visitor frequency, or distance). Thus we find, for example, in which distance 50% of turnover is generated or where 80% of customers are achieved.

Catchment Area Analysis

Potenzialanalyse, Potenzialanalyse, Potenzialanalyse Potential Analysis

Using a potential analysis we develope and lift your growth and find untapped sales potential, which are hidden in the market and your customers. With a potential analysis in your company we make use of comprehensive analysis and optimization tools which helps your company significantly to receive more revenue and to win new customers.

 Potential Analysis

Vertriebssteuerung, Vertriebssteuerung, Vertriebssteuerung Sales Management

As part of sales strategy, we implement your strategic goals of the company into an operationally implementable sales target, which will transform your sales activities into a strategic instrument of your business management. Thus the sales management is a concrete design and use of your scarce resources. This includes the management of marketing and resource allocation, management of conflicting objectives, the remuneration and incentives of sales representatives and controlling processes

 Sales Management

Wettbewerbsanalyse, Wettbewerbsanalyse, Wettbewerbsanalyse Competitive Analysis

A competitive analysis in your company serves to explore the strengths and weaknesses of potential competitors. We analyze not only the superficial impression, but also create with selected techniques, such as mystery shopping and consumer surveys, a clear picture of the market performance of the competition. The objective is to capitalize these findings to take consequences for your own company. We pay particular attention to the concentration of your own strengths in terms of the weaknesses of the competition.

 Competitive Analysis

Pricing, Pricing, Pricing Pricing

The pricing gains in almost all aftermarket of enormous importance. Shrinking markets and intensified competition is making a confrontation, with one's own and the price of the competition, essential. We analyze the process of pricing within the entire B2B and B2C sector at national and international level. We investigate both, the sell-in and sell-out rates.


Kfz-Adressdatenbank, Kfz-Adressdatenbank, Kfz-Adressdatenbank Automotive Address Database

Through our address databases in the field of automotive companies, we can offer customers not only addresses but also specific background information. Our address databases provides you with exactly the right people that sees your company as its target audience! By being efficient and targeted advertising that reaches eligible customers, you will be able to avoid senseless advertising and high expenditures.

 Automotive Adress Database

Werbeerfolgskontrolle, Werbeerfolgskontrolle, Werbeerfolgskontrolle Advertising Controlling

In addition to the regular controlling loop in your company, stands the simple advertising success controlling. On the basis of comparative figures before and after an advertising measure, we analyze your operationalized advertising goals. This possibility will bring you both, an economic performance review, as well as the communicative success.

 Advertising Controlling