Our training programs are practical, our seminars are designed alive. We place great emphasis on operational feasibility of learned theories. We also assist participants in individual coaching sessions to a sustainable implementation in everyday life. We "live" our seminars by communicating complex issues clear and to the point in the business everyday! Our seminar focuses on the areas: business administration, management, leadership, marketing and sales.

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Unternehmensberatung Mittelstand ++ Unternehmensberatung Kfz Betrieb ++ Unternehmensberatung Handel ++ Unternehmensberatung Automobilindustrie Personnel Management

Leading means to guide staff to achieve common goals. Communication skills, management techniques, good perception and knowledge of human nature are building blocks of our seminars for leadership. Because a manager is someone who makes others successful.

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Unternehmensführung, Unternehmensführung, Unternehmensführung Corporate Management

Your business success requires a constant questioning and development of corporate strategies. Our seminar communicates how to use the right strategies and provides tips from experts so that your company can perform successfully. The main focus lies in the analysis of the strategic position and in the development and optimization of a holistic strategy for your company.

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Führungskräfte Coaching, Führungskräfte Coaching, Führungskräfte Coaching Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a very effective way for sustainable improvement of the company or your own position in the company. One of the most important aspects is a comprehensive reflection about your own position and the positions of staff and structures in the company. This allows you to asses your own individual situation and use it to develop optimal possibilities.

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Verkaufstraining, Verkaufstraining, Verkaufstraining Sales Training

Seminars on sales training are the link between theory and practice. We provide you and your staff comprehensive practical knowledge of the central themes of sales and distribution and go here specifically on the practical application in your everyday sales.
Benefit from the know-how and practical experience of our sales professionals and increase your sales and profits!

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BWL Seminar, BWL Seminar, BWL Seminar Business Seminar

Our business studies classes are offered for non-experts in business, which want to gain a deeper or refresh their knowledge about business basics.

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Seminar Kfz-Betrieb, Seminar Kfz-Betrieb, Seminar Kfz-Betrieb Automobile Business Seminar

Based on our many years of professional experience in the field of business management consultancy we are experts for car companies and their economic and organizational problems. Specifically for the automotive industry and the perspectives of entrepreneurs.

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